WYSIWYG Editor: Version 3.1.1

Added by Gary Mcgrath about 1 year ago

The editor now allows copy and paste images along with drag and drop images. ( with browsers which support those features )

N.b. the drag and drop / copy and paste images is only for staff CP area, and will not work from the client support centre ( for security )

WYSIWYG Editor: Version 2.9.0

Added by Gary Mcgrath almost 2 years ago

Added support for Kayako 4.71

Auto Login Module by SupportSkins: v1.07 released

Added by Hiren Mehta about 2 years ago

We are proud to announce the release of version 1.07 of the Auto Login Module. This release is a product support release where the module now supports the newly released Kayako v4.70 and above.

Download your copy from the SupportSkins Store Members Area -

WYSIWYG Editor: Version 2.8.14

Added by Gary Mcgrath about 2 years ago

Fixed quoting from client support centre ( ensuring HTML format is maintained )
Fixed IRS ( so clients get KB suggestions when filling in contents within the editor )

WYSIWYG Editor: Version 2.8.12

Added by Gary Mcgrath about 2 years ago

Now works with Kayako 4.70

Kayako Outlook Addin: Kayako for modern Outlook now available

Added by Adam Stiskala about 2 years ago

Today marks the public availability of the first version of the "Kayako Outlook Addin". This new addin allows you to create a new Kayako ticket from an email that has been sent to your Outlook®.

The addin has been built using the modern HTML-based SDK for Outlook®. This allows you to use this feature in your Outlook® experience on phones, tablets, desktops, and the web. After installing this plugin from the Office Store you will be able to use it on the following platforms:

To install this addin, please visit

I look forward to hearing your feedback. If you have any issues or suggestions, please create a new issue in Kayako Forge or leave a review at the Office Store.

- Adam

WYSIWYG Editor: Version 2.8.2

Added by Gary Mcgrath about 2 years ago

CT now includes changes to Kayako's HTML engine, which will ensure inline images work, along side better rendering for HTML, to ensure malformed HTML does not lead to missing content

( this is the editor replacing the HTML engine used to parse emails, to ensure HTML remains consistent inbound and outbound )

WYSIWYG Editor: Version 2.8.0

Added by Gary Mcgrath about 2 years ago

Fixed several bugs where some outbound emails would display HTML code.

Added the editor to the followup tabs

Fixed an issue where the trouble shooter redirect to a ticket, would not use HTML

Added HTML clean up of inbound emails ( this resolves an issue where some tickets looked odd, or failed to send out email notifications )

WYSIWYG Editor: Version 2.7.6

Added by Gary Mcgrath over 2 years ago

Added a fix for formatting from certain clients such as outlook did not look the same within Kayako
Added a fix for malformed emails resulting in notifications not working.

WYSIWYG Editor: Version 2.7.3

Added by Gary Mcgrath over 2 years ago

Added support for Kayako 4.69

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