WYSIWYG Editor: Version 1.5

Added by Gary Mcgrath about 3 years ago

Fixes HTML displaying on outbound staff replies to end users.
Adds compatibility for Kayako 4.66
Fixes html missing color elements.
Fixes error displaying when staff without reply/forward rights try and view a ticket.

WYSIWYG Editor: Version 1.3

Added by Gary Mcgrath about 3 years ago

Version 1.3 has some bug fixes to address issues reported

Now works with all template groups, and not just the default one.
The wysiwyg editor is no longer enabled on comment boxes within the client support centre.

WYSIWYG Editor: Version 1.2

Added by Gary Mcgrath about 3 years ago

Version 1.2 now automatically sets all required settings within all files automatically ( Please note this might not work if your webserver has protected directories within the kayako base files. )


Now works with quick insert macros and knowledgebase options.

Mail Parser Error Alerts: Release 1.6

Added by Gary Mcgrath about 3 years ago

The latest version of mail parser error alerts enables much greater detail within the alert emails to match the logs created within the admin CP. This should help to understand the error being generated.

Outlook Addin: Kayako Outlook Addin (4 comments)

Added by Martin Mlinski over 3 years ago

We have released a release for the Kayako Outlook Addin.

  • Addin use new Kayako .Net Library that fixes some errors
    Fixed Bugs:
  • -
    New Features:
  • -
Known Issues:
  • Links to Help and Website are not ready
  • AutoResponder send twice (seems to be a bug in Kayako C# REST API)

Open with the IE and install the addin.

  • Outlook 2010, 2013
  • .Net Framework 4 Client Profile
  • Open an email (double-click an email in explorer view)
  • Open tab "Kayako"
  • Click on "Settings/Einstellungen"
  • Enter Kayako API URL, e.g., API Key and Secret Key (look at your Kayako Admin Panel for these informations)
  • Click "Safe/Speichern"
  • Click "Create new ticket/Neues Ticket erstellen", select the proper values in the form (loading data can take a wile on first use) and click on "Create Ticket/Ticket erstellen"

Swedish Language Pack: Första versionen av svenskt gränssnitt för Kayako

Added by Torbjörn Schön over 3 years ago

Detta är version 1 av översättningen och den är baserad på Kayako Fusion
Det finns 2 filer för nedladdning.
Den ena är språkfil för klient-delen och den andra är en zippad fil med de översatta php-filerna som skall ligga under: "Installationsmapp"\__swift\locale\
Mappen skall heta "sv"

Surveys Viewer: Version 1.1 Published

Added by Adam Wierzynkiewicz over 3 years ago

Version 1.1 of Surveys Viewer app for Kayako has been published!
It supports new design of Kayako interface introduced in version 4.60 of the helpdesk.

Attachments tab by Dewak: Attachments tab for Kayako 4.6X

Added by Andres Berdugo over 3 years ago

Attachments tab is now compatible with Kayako 4.6X

Kayako Wallboard by Dewak: Wallboard now compatible with Kayako v 4.6X

Added by Andres Berdugo over 3 years ago

The Kayako Wallboard by Dewak is now compatible with Kayako v 4.6X

Ticket Post Features: Version 2.3 for Kayako

Added by Gary Mcgrath over 3 years ago

Fully functional with the new sanitize code.

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