How often do you feel like highlighting a part of an important text in your message when replying to a user ticket? You know you could do a better job helping your customer if you could provide a nicely formatted guide with images for them, don't you? The Rich Text Editor module for Kayako can easily help you out here. Rich text formatting, table creation, changing color, font size or typeface - all that you can do just like in any other word processor, such as MS Office Word.



The WYSIWYG editor gets installed on such pages as: Create, Reply and Forward ticket.

An additional Rich Text Editor is installed on the Edit Post dialogue

Add-on to expand the Editor with a spellchecking module.

Feature to easily add tables in your post messages

Add-on to expand the WYSIWYG Editor with an image uploader module

Correct DISPLAY of interline SPACING in different email-clients

Add-on to integrate WYSIWYG Editor into the macros creation modal window

Support of full screen mode which will be convenient in case of creation and editing large messages

Special characters rendering feature (such as €, £, ¥).

The Plain Text button is available to strip off any unwanted formatting

You can find the Rich Text Editor demo and more information about the module on the our project home page.

Project Information


Administrator: Dmitry Grankin