We've all seen long threads of conversations in Kayako with repeating quoted content which takes you a while to scroll down to the bottom. Looks quite daunting, right? The Comfy Ticket View module is here to put a stop to the mess in your conversation threads.

The module will modify the UI so that you can easily expand and collapse all the posts, giving you a better control of the information flow. With it your staff will spend less time processing the tickets, improving your overall customer service.

The Comfy Ticket View module features:

1) The first and last posts are always open by default to instantly provide an overview of the conversation thread.
2) Your customer posts are highlighted in green while your staff posts are in blue.
3) You can also toggle the view of the posts whose received time is less than 3 hours.

With this module, we recommend that you increase the total quantity of posts viewed on a single page up to 20. It's simple and easy now, don't waste your time going to and fro in a paginated thread.

Be sure to take a look at our demo below. It does better explaining than any promo text.

Collapsed posts

Expanded post

Project Information


Administrator: Dmitry Grankin