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pulls in own sent tweets

Added by Steven Lawrence Sr. over 9 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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great mod but 2 problems...

1) pulls in our own tweets that we sent...

2) any chance of adding the ability to add multiple twitter accounts as we have several sub-divisions of our company which all share the same help desk but have different twitter accounts and Facebook pages....

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Updated by Eelco Leenen over 9 years ago

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Hi Steven,

Thanks for your feedback!

Regarding your first remark, it is correct that TweetSupport initially imports all your own tweets. Every reply you make to a customer will also be saved locally in order to get a complete conversation in one view. However, I can imagine that pulling all existing own tweets during installation is something that might be undesirable. Let me think about this. In the meantime, you can close the conversations.

Second thing, the ability to process multiple accounts, is something that also crossed our minds. I have written it down on my to-do list and it will see daylight in a following release.



Updated by Steven Lawrence Sr. over 9 years ago

okay also let me point out/clarify the tweets that it imported were not like reply to other peoples tweets but was just normal tweets we sent out like advertisement.....

also noticed something as I replied to a tweet and then someone replied it went to "Client Reply" status which is good but then I replied again and it just stayed at "Client Reply" should switch back to "Open" I would actually like to see the ability to create our own statuses such as

"New Tweet"
"Awaiting Client Reply"
"Awaiting Staff Reply"

Updated by Eelco Leenen over 9 years ago

Hi Steven,

I understand your first point. Indeed, TweetSupport will fetch all your own tweets. Initially all existing tweets during installation and every following tweet from your timeline. The idea behind this is that the twitter account is purely used for webcare (customer support), not for sales or other news.

For an example, please look at UPC (Digital TV/Internet provider):

Is the webcare account, no other company services related tweets will be posted.

This is the account for news, sales and other interesting company news.

If you use the twitter account for customer support only, importing all tweets will not be an issue.

However, as mentioned in my previous reply, a have seconds thoughts about this. I'm wondering if it has any use to import your own timeline since a customer will always trigger a support conversation by sending in a request.

Custom statusses is not something TweetSupport uses at this time. I will look into this. You are correct that TweetSupport won't automatically change a status if you send a reply. I decided to follow Kayako's implementation for tickets, when you reply to a ticket you also have to update the status manually (by default anyway).

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