Bug #475

Bullets and Numbering handling/response

Added by Andrew Bates almost 6 years ago.

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I'm running Kayako Case 4.70.2, CustomTweaks 2.9.0, and primarily use FireFox. There are a few oddities I notice when using the ticket reply editor.

1. When clicking the Bullets List button, it always defaults to Default Numbered List.

2. Sometimes even after multiple "Enters" the bullets/numbering in one section is all tied together and you can't change the type without changing it for all of the sections of bullets/numbering.

3. There is inconsistency with how this is handled between the Tickets (CustomTweaks) and News (Kayako) editors.

i. The Ticket editor seems to not have a start/finish (all being in one paragraph/article/etc). Don't get me wrong, our team prefers one "Enter" to be a single line ( see related http://www.midwesternmac.com/blogs/jeff-geerling/line-breaks-instead-paragraphs ). Formatting responses is a touch unpredictable.

ii. Pasting text from other files (especially any that had pre-html formatting on them) seems to break the editor. I don't know what to call it other than that, but how the editor responds to formatting after that is inconsistent.

iii. As an example of what I'm seeing, I typed exactly the same lines into both editors and copied the source (hopefully this will show up correctly):

Tickets (CustomTweaks TinyMCE)

Typing in the first line.<br />
<ul style="list-style-type: undefined;">
<li>Enter 1, now click bullet point active in this line.</li>
<br />Enter twice, now enter again and paste text from file:<br />
<ul style="list-style-type: undefined;">
<li>This is pasted text from file.<br />Enter once after paste.<br />Second enter after paste and push bullet point on this line.</li>
<br />Two enters after that.

News (Kayako TinyMCE)

<p>Typing in the first line.</p>
<li>Enter once, now click bullet point active in the same line.</li>
<p>Enter twice, now enter again and paste text from file.</p>
<p>This is pasted text from file.</p>
<p>Enter once after paste.</p>
<li>Second enter after paste and push bullet point on this line.</li>
<p>Two enter after that.</p>

I can try to provide more examples if that'd be helpful (who knows we may just be using it wrong?). CustomTweaks has fixed many of the issues that existed with being able to respond to our customers, and I'd love to help keep it stable.

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