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Creating a new ticket (through WHMCS) sets the ticket on "Closed" by default. Also it's invisible in 'Client Area'.

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I recently purchased WHMCS and we have been using Kayako for many years now.

I installed the Kayako integration file and made the necessary changes to the config.php. So far everything is working fine (knowledgebase, announcements, etc).
The only problem I am experiencing is when I create a ticket (as a customer) through the client area of WHMCS.

It created the ticket, however there are 2 problems;

1) The ticket is set to 'Closed' status by default in Kayako. Therefor it's not showing up as an active issue/ticket in Kayako obviously.
2) If I try to view the ticket in WHMC's client area, I only get a blank page. Maybe this is related to the ticket status being set on 'Closed'.

Anyone experienced the same thing before? And how can I fix this?

Thank you in advance!



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Issue addressed on Support Ticket, hence closing the task.

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