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Having trouble to maintain news and updates on more than one place we have decided to concentrate our new on our own website www.breincoach.eu.
From this site it looked if we were ibactive for two years. However, that is absolutely not the case. Please go to our website www.breincoach.eu for the latest updates and releases.
Latest releases:

FUIM update to 4.66. Repaired a (rare) bug that caused the "could not find valid name field" error message.
Now available

Full integrations (FUIM + DSLO module): Magento, Moodle, OpenCart, WHMCS, Joomla

Integrations (You can easely write one yourself): above + Zencart + some other osCommerce clones.

JFusion 2.x plugins: Fusion/Case!, Elite Ladders, IPboard, Xenforo