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Kayako module for WHMCS integration for both Kayako version 3 and 4.


  • Plug and Play configuration into WHMCS that overrides the default WHMCS ticket system and uses Kayako instead. Uses same look and feel as the default ticket system.
  • WHMCS Language support
  • User Edit hook support so when a user changes their email address, it changes the user record in Kayako as well.
  • LoginShare support (file included)
  • Ticket Paging support
  • You can pick what ticket statuses are displayed
  • Admin selectable allowed file attachment extensions retrieved from WHMCS admin area
  • File Attachments for tickets
  • WHMCS user ticket closing
  • Optional open ticket count listed under Client Area Account Statistics in WHMCS
  • Optional ticket list support on the client home page (there is no paging though)
  • Kayako custom field support on my version 3 module, v4 will have it per v4 API release.
  • SSL (https) Kayako API URL support, see ReadMe.txt file
  • Kayako v3/v4 Announcements support
  • WHMCS Knowledgebase Support (v 1.0+ module)
  • WHMCS v5 support including the new v5 client area template (v 1.01+ module)

Since my integration looks exactly like the built in WHMCS ticket system, you can demo here: http://demo.whmcs.com
For more information, click here: http://www.heapsoftware.com/whmcs-kayako-module.htm

Free Limited Feature Download Here (v 0.26) (No support or updates):

Order the Full Feature Module Here (v 1.0+) (support and updates included):

I also offer installation/integration of the Free Module, you can request that here:

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Administrator: Steven Craig
Developer: Steven Craig

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Kayako v4 WHMCS Module Update v1.01 Released
Kayako v4 WHMCS Module Update v1.01 Released
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Kayako v4 WHMCS Module Update Released
Kayako v4 WHMCS Module v1.0 Update Released
Added by Steven Craig over 9 years ago

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