With EmailTracking you can verify if replies from your help desk are being read by your customers. Sometimes email servers fail, email accounts run out of space, emails don't arrive or your customer simply skips your message, don't let this situations affect your service level and reputation. Take action when a customer doesn't follow up with you and ensure your customer service level is always as its best.

To request a free trial, purchase this app or play with the live demo please go to http://www.dewak.com/kayako-products/emailtracking

Find out what people are saying about the Organization Tickets Tab at the Kayako forums: http://forums.kayako.com/threads/emailtracking-by-dewak.35009/

- Requires ionCube Loader version 3.3.18+.
- Only available for the download/self-hosted version of Kayako Case/Fusion
- Compatible with version 4.60.XXXX or newer

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