Create JIRA® issues straight from Kayako
With this plugin you can push a Kayako ticket into JIRA® with one click, you can even select the project and priority for the newly created JIRA® issue.

Sync JIRA® issues and Kayako tickets
Comments on JIRA® issues are replicated as Kayako private posts and Kayako replies are replicated as JIRA® comments. Syncing automatically stops when the JIRA® issue is closed.

To request a free trial, purchase this app or play with the live demo please go to http://www.dewak.com/kayako-products/kayakopluginforjira

Find out what people are saying about the Kayako Plugin for JIRA at the Kayako forums: http://forums.kayako.com/threads/jira-kayako-module-for-v4-by-dewak.27107/

- Requires ionCube Loader version 3.3.18+.
- Only available for the download/self-hosted version of Kayako Resolve/Fusion
- Compatible with versions 4.5X or newer
- JIRA® is a registered trademark of Atlassian.

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