Provides a big-screen friendly view of the help desk status.

Wallboards are commonly used in operating/call centers to quickly diagnose the health of the help desk, they provide an overall view of the operation and allow you to detect problem areas. The initial version will have the following features:

  • Widgets based interface, you can add/delete widgets and create your own (twitter, ticket list, escalated tickets, etc..)
  • Widgets can be repositioned using AJAX drag & drop controls.
  • Improved design and layout.
  • Built using V4 API.
  • Authentication with Kayako user/pass. Staff LoginShare not supported.

Find out what people are saying about the Wallboard at the Kayako forums: http://forums.kayako.com/threads/wallboard-module-for-v4-by-dewak.25918/

- Only available for the download/self-hosted version of Kayako Resolve/Fusion
- Compatible with version 4.52 or newer

Installation instructions:

If you are upgrading from Kayako v4.40.XXXX or older please uninstall Wallboard first. Go to Admin CP->Apps->Wallboard->Uninstall, then delete folder "_modules/wall_board". If you have any questions please contact us.

1. Download "Kayako_Wallboard_by_Dewak.zip" (http://www.dewak.com/kayako-products/wallboard) and unzip folder "wallboard".
2. Upload folder "/__apps/wallboard".
3. Log into the Admin CP, click on "Apps->Wallboard".
4. Click on the "Install" button and wait for the confirmation message.
5. The app is now installed. To see it on action go to http://YOURKAYAKOURL/__apps/wallboard/library/Dewak/index.php
6. Login with Kayako staff user credentials.
7. Configure your settings and make sure the staff user you authenticated has permissions to all departments.

Demo instructions:
- Go to our demo site at http://www.dewak.com/apps/products/demo/
- Click on the Kayako Wallboard widget
- Login with wallboard/abcd1234

Project Information