FreshBooks is an online invoicing software as a service for time tracking, expense tracking, recurring billing, online payment collection, the ability to mail invoices through the U.S. Post, and support tickets.

This is Kayako app for integrating Kayako version 4.50 with Freshbooks. So you can create freshbooks billing entry directly from Kayako helpdesk.

  • Freshbooks integration enable Invoicing based on ticket billing hours.
  • You can link tickets to specific project and add ticket billing entries direct to Freshbooks using this integration.
  • If Kayako login user has same name in Freshbooks then it will automatically get selected while creating time entry from Kayako billing tab
  • Once you have created time entry in freshbooks on any ticket, next time you will find freshbooks time entry section enable by default on that ticket
  • Kayako admin can anytime disable freshbooks from Admin->Settings->Freshbooks

Supported versions:
Kayako: v4.50.x and above

Future support:
To enhance this integration we have moved it to Github. Please use https://github.com/kayako/freshbooks-integration

Project Information