Jira is an issue tracking system, which helps you to organize your projects and stay up to date with the status of issues, which will ultimately help you to keep track of performance of your team too.

Kayako has provided its helpdesk integration with Jira. It will help you to link any ticket generated through Kayako staff panel with any issue of your JIRA project. And you can keep track of that issue from helpdesk staff panel.


  • You can create a new JIRA issue for a ticket within your Kayako Helpdesk staff panel.
  • You can link any ticket with existing JIRA issue.
  • Can post comment for issue from Helpdesk.
  • Can unlink any ticket from JIRA issue from Helpdesk.

Supported Versions:
Kayako: 4.51.1891 and above
JIRA: 5.0.4 and above

Further Support:
To enhance this integration we have moved it to Github. Please use https://github.com/kayako/jira-integration

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