I have been busy with work, so could not complete the client portal for Kayako Desktop 4 Linux. However, I got a comment on my blog if anybody can evaluate the scripts I made to run Kayako Desktop on Linux. I compiled the scripts and made a package, which is available to download.

You can download Kayako Desktop for Linux from the following link:
Follow these steps after downloading the archive:
  • Extract archive
  • Install package using 'installkd.sh'
  • Installation script will give you a 'System ID'. Send that System ID to me with the following details:
    - System ID
    - Email Address
    - Full Name
    Note: You can also see Readme.txt file for installation instructions with some troubleshooting tips.
    I'll generate an evaluation license key and send it to you. Put that license key file under your home directory and you'll be good to go.
    Hope you'll like it.
    I'll love to get a feedback on 'Kayako Desktop for Linux'.

Kayako Desktop for Linux is a compilation of Shell scripts to install and upgrade Kayako Desktop, standalone 'Wine' installation and pre-installed windows based live chat client 'Kayako Desktop' with required dependencies (e.g. Internet Explorer 8).-

For detailed information and package download links please refer to the following link:

Update 19/03/2015: The packages are outdated and no longer working with latest Linux builds.


A thread in Kayako Forum can also be referred from the following link:

Mac users can use 'SatChat for Kayako' App for Live Chat client on Mac. Go to this link:

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