Magento module with Kayako will help users to get support within website. Users can create ticket, view their submitted ticket details. They update ticket status and can post their reply for respective ticket within their magento website.


  1. Facilitate users within website to create their own tickets.
  2. Users can see list of their all submitted tickets.
  3. User can see ticket with its all related posts up to till date.
  4. User can update status and priority of ticket as per the need.
  5. Users can post their reply to follow up with their tickets.
  6. Magento users can login to helpdesk via Loginshare.

Supported Versions:

Magento: and above
Kayako: 4.51.1891

Future support:
To enhance this integration we have moved it to Github. Please use https://github.com/kayako/magento-integration

Project Information