This module will allow you to create a custom set of reports for your customers, and then email them out to your customer ( and internal staff if you wish )

It will also allow you to use a scheduled task ( like the one your using to poll your helpdesk ) to automate emailed reports to your customers.

Instructions for setup.

Edit the file class.Controller_Report.php

This file will need to be amended with the reports you wish to email out, instructions on doing this
are within the file.

Once edited, you will need to upload the following files to the locations indicated.

file: class.Controller_Report.php
location: __apps/tickets/cron

file: class.SWIFT_ReportExport.php
location: __apps\reports\library\Export

Thats it, if you now call the URL, the reports will automatically email out.

For Kayako version 4.51.1891
Release 1.1 added support to attach multiple reports to a single email

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