This will allow you to store selected fields from the email header with the ticket post. This works for both incoming and outgoing emails. The headers are then displayed at the bottom of the ticket post when viewed in the staff cp. The default headers that are saved are: From, To, Cc, and Bcc. However, you may expand this list to include any header field you desire by editing the ProcessTicketPostHeaders function in functions.php.

The files that need to be updated are:


Important - You will need to add a column called "headers" to the swticketposts table - you can do this by running the following SQL command on your database:

ALTER TABLE `swticketposts` ADD `headers` LONGTEXT NOT NULL DEFAULT '' AFTER `contents`

The source code is for version 4.40.833

Please also note that if you are using my Beautiful HTML Ticket Posts code to be aware that the file modified in that project is the same as one of the files in this project (class.SWIFT_TicketPost.php) - you will need to merge the 2 projects together manually if you want to have both projects working! My favorite merge / compare tool is Beyond Compare.


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