Lets you offer rich single log on and single sign on services with your Kayako help desk.

Our Help desk Ultimate Integration solution (FUIM for short) addresses these problems by means of an easy to install Help desk module.


  • SLO: a user who logs in to the help desk gets automatically logged in to the supported website . For clarity we will call the supported website “the Integration” in this document.
  • SSO: The user needs only to register on one site and gets registered to the other site. Your choice if registration takes place on the Help desk or the Integration.
  • User records are synchronized in the background when a user logs on. Thus changes in the common fields of the user record of the registration site (called Master, see below) like password, email, user group, phone, address, full name and more are done on the fly on both sites without any action of the user. When you disable FUIM, the sites can run independently.
  • You don’t need to change any Help desk or integration code. Just a change in one of the CSS files of the Help desk is needed to make the module work.
  • All Integrations are supported by means of an open source plugin system. You can easily program your own by changing a few lines in the existing plugins. Many plugins will be available within the first few weeks after release.
  • DSLO: With additional software, like the Breincoach Magento DSLO support module, you get DSLO. This means a user can login to either the integration (for instance Magento) or the Help desk to get logged in on both. This is important for e-commerce websites where the client can register and login during the checkout process without losing the basket.

The latest version is available on www.breincoach.eu. You can also auto-request trial licenses on our website, read the faq and use the support forum.

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Update for FUIM core module version 2.1.0
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