This mod adds a fully functional tinymce editor into the reply areas in both the Staff CP and Client support centres.

This allows staff and end users to create colourful and rich replies using different fonts, colours and styling. See screen shot for more information.

NEW- Smart Variables

Fullname is: {{fullname}}
forename is: {{forename}}
surname is: {{surname}}
title is: {{title}}
salutation is: {{salutation}}
Organizaton is: {{organization}}
Customfield is: {{custom_field[CustomFieldName]}}

Using the above, e.g. {{fullname}} within a macro, reply, forward etc.. will automatically replace with the users fullname when submitting the ticket reply.

It also enables a ticket preview list per organization ( on the staff CP, organization tab )

On the Manage Organization section, a new tab is added called "tickets", which displays all the tickets from that organization, from all users of that organization. See screen shot for more information.

It also adds the ability to set a date and time when creating a ticket, to alter the initial creation date of the ticket.

New options are displayed at the bottom of the reply/forward window within the Staff CP. This allows you to create replies and set a custom date and time of those replies, which enables you to create replies in the past. Useful if your creating tickets after the event, to make records more accurate. See screen shot for more information.

Simply upload the mod to the apps folder, and then within the admin CP install it.

Version 2.7.3 works with Kayako 4.65 - 4.69

As of version 2.8.8, it is recommended to have Tidy Disabled
The recommended php version for this application is php 5.4 or 5.5

Issues after install
If you get any issues after install, such as macros not working, make sure to clear your browsers cache ( F5 ) or delete temp internet files.

Issues after uninstall
Custom Tweaks modifies some core Kayako files, these changes should be reverted during uninstall, however if there is insufficient file/folder access to remove files, custom tweaks may fail to restore the original files.

If this happens, you will need to manually replace the following files with originals.


The mod can now also be installed from the command line:

php ./console/index.php /customtweaks/Install/Install

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Administrator: Gary Mcgrath

Latest news

Version 3.1.1
Added new features for inline images and drag and drop image uploads
Added by Gary Mcgrath over 5 years ago

Version 2.9.0
Added support for Kayako 4.71
Added by Gary Mcgrath about 6 years ago

Version 2.8.14
Added fixes for quoting and Instant response Search when using client support centre
Added by Gary Mcgrath about 6 years ago

Version 2.8.12
Adds compatibility for Kayako 4.70
Added by Gary Mcgrath about 6 years ago

Version 2.8.2
Includes improvements for inline images and Missing HTML code
Added by Gary Mcgrath over 6 years ago

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