1. Download Basecamp App from Unzip and put unzipped basecamp folder in Kayako_Fusion/__apps folder.
2. Go to Admin Interface of your helpdesk and click on Apps link in left hand side menu.

3. Click on Basecamp app and install it.

4. Refresh page. You should see a link 'Bascamp' in main navigation bar. Go to Basecamp > Manage

5. Now you have to register an application on Basecamp. Goto to register basecamp application. While registering Basecamp Application, You should give Redirect URI same as mentioned on 'Manage Form'.

6. After registering application on basecamp, fill all the fields on manage form and click 'save' button.

7.On successful submit you should see a popup asking you integrate helpdesk with basecamp. Click 'Yes' to integrate it now. You may also integrate it later revisiting this Manage form again.
8. Click 'Yes'. A new window/tab would open asking you to log into your basecamp account. Next page would ask for permission to integrate your basecamp account with helpdesk. Click button "Yes, I'll allow access".

9. If everything go fine, You should see final screen as following.

How to use?

1. Once Basecamp App is successfully installed and configured (as mentioned in installation section), You will see a 'basecamp' button in ticket management section of staff interface. Click on this button to open a form to export ticket to basecamp as a Todo.

2. Once you have exported a ticket to basecamp as Todo, 'basecamp' button is changed to a drop-down menu. Using this drop-down you can
a. View Todo with all comments
b. Add further comments to Todo
c. Delete Todo

3. Play around. It's that simple.