Kayako Module For Drupal

Drupal 7 – Basic installation will do.

Copy the Kayako folder into modules (sites/all/modules or sites/default/modules depending on your preference) folder.

Log in to Drupal admin panel

Go to modules in admin panel; there enable Kayako from the list and save the configuration.

Go to 'Configuration', look for Kayako there.

In preferences put in your REST API credentials.

Save the changes.

You can see the Kayako help desk link in navigation menu.


Landing page will show option to create/view tickets.

To create ticket, click on create ticket option and select the department from the subsequent screen, Then click 'Next'.

Fill in the details to create ticket. Click on submit when you are done.

Success message should appear.

Clicking on View Ticket from landing page will present a department select form.

Select department and click next to view the tickets created by you for that department.

You can click on Ticket Subject to go to individual ticket screen.

You can update ticket/post reply from this screen. Click on Update when you are done.

Success will redirect back to ticket listing.