The FreshBooks app allows you to track the amount of time each staff user spends on different help desk tickets. Select freshbook on the ticket page and you will be able to log time on each ticket.


1. Download and extract Freshbooks.

You can obtain the latest Freshbooks release from [[]] -- the files are available in .zip formats and can be extracted using most compression tools.
To download and extract the files, on a typical Unix/Linux command line, use the following commands :
tar -zxvf
This will create a new directory freshbooks/ containing all freshbooks files and directories. Then, to move the contents of that directory within your helpdesk app folder,
continue with this command:
mv freshbooks /path/to/your/installation/__apps/

2. Go to Admin interface of your helpdesk and click on Apps on left hand side menu

3. Now click on Freshbooks and then click on Install button, this will install this app

4. Now click on Settings option from left side menu and click on Freshbooks

5. You will see freshbooks settings page

6. First you have to enable the freshbooks by selecting yes for first option i.e. "Enable Fresh books (To show or hide freshbooks checkbox on tickets page)"

7. For "API URL (API URL from your FreshBooks account. Copy and paste the entire URL from FreshBooks)" set up a FreshBooks account at

8. Get your API URL and Authentication Token from FreshBooks

9. Click on verify connection button to test if API URL and Authentication Token provided are correct

10. If you see above message then click on Ok button

11. Then select your default project and task, which will be selected by default in Staff CP - Ticket Billing Tab

12. In the last settings option you can set the default note to send to your freshbook time entry, by default Kayako Ticket Id : {[ticket_id]} i.e Kayako Ticket Id : Corresponding ticket id will be send

13. Now click on update button to save your settings

14. Now you will be able to report time on tickets from the ticket page. Go to Staff CP, select any ticket and click on Billing tab

15. Enter billable hours and write any note which you want to send with your default note set in Admin Interface settings section.

16. Select a user, then select a project and then a task and click on Insert to create entry in freshbooks.

17. The hours you enter will be immediately visible within FreshBooks on the project you selected.