When errors occur with checking a mail queue, or there is a processing error with a specific message, Kayako logs this information to the parser logs.

When admins log into the admin CP, they get a warning about these errors, but what happens if you don't log into the admin CP very often? if could be day(s) before you notice a critical error with your helpdesk processing emails.

This module is the answer to the above, whenever a mail parser failure is detected, an alert email is sent to all administrator level staff informing them of the error.

This means if your mail parser fails to access your mailbox due something as simple as the password being wrong, or there is a huge email in the mailbox blocking download of other emails, all your admins will be alerted to the issue so it can be resolved asap.

Instructions for install

Requirements ( Default Return Email Address must be set in Admin CP, Settings, General )

1. Download the zip file and extract it, you will be left with 2 files.
2. Backup the original files these 2 files are replacing

3. Upload the two files to your webserver
( 4.50.xx __apps\parser\library\MailParser )
( 4.40.xx __modules\parser\library\Parser )

Thats it, there is no more that needs to done, the error checking will now begin everytime the mail parser runs.

This module is only compatible with the later releases of Kayako, builds 4.40.986 - ( It might work with previous versions, but it will be untested )

Enable / Disable Alert Types

Release 1.1 allows you to turn off and on certain types of alerts, so you are not emailed for example if your parser ignores an email you have configured it to, but does email you other types of alerts. Below is the list of message types, in brackets is how serious that type of error is.

To turn off and on custom alerts, edit the file class.SWIFT_MailParser.php, Scroll to the bottom and change 1 to 0 for alerts you wish to disable.

$_type1 = "1"; // error 1 [Critical error] - Error with loading the message structure
$_type2 = "1"; // error 2 [Serious error] - Message size of email is beyond the limit set in admin CP ( The message will need clearing from the mailbox )
$_type3 = "1"; // error 3 [Critical error] - Error with loading Mail Queue
$_type4 = "1"; // error 4 [Serious error] - The email "To" address is not a queue email address ( delivered to wrong mailbox? or misconfigured? )
$_type5 = "1"; // error 5 [Informational] - A banned email has been received and ignored
$_type6 = "1"; // error 6 [Informational] - Loop protection enabled, the from address is the same as the queue address, ignored to stop infinite loop
$_type7 = "1"; // error 7 [Informational] - Flood protection enabled, emails are being ignored as they are the same, and received close in time to each other
$_type8 = "1"; // error 8 [Serious error] - Multiple creation error occured.
$_type9 = "1"; // error 9 [Informational] - Parser rule caused email to be ignored

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Administrator: Gary Mcgrath

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Release 1.6
For Kayako 4.65.x. New feature - Descriptive errors!
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Version 1.5 fully compatible with
Version 1.5 fully compatible with
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Version 1.5 fully compatible with kayako 4.53.2633
Version 1.5 fully compatible with kayako 4.53.2633
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Version 1.5
Now has improved error detection for large emails
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Version 1.1 fully compatible with kayako 4.40.1148
Version 1.1 fully compatible with kayako 4.40.1148
Added by Gary Mcgrath about 9 years ago

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